How to Get Started with Hype Projects for Beginners

How to Get Started with Hype Projects for Beginners
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Everyone has started investing in hyip projects at some point, and there were often quite a few questions. This article is intended for beginners and will serve as a guide on how to get started with hyip projects.


If you've just discovered our realm of the hyip industry, welcome! In this article, you will find a wealth of useful information on how to get started with hyips. We'll do our best to explain complex terms you may encounter in the simplest and most understandable way.

First and foremost, it's important to note that, like anywhere else, you need to invest a certain amount of time in learning about this field. How quickly you can adapt depends solely on your determination. Undoubtedly, to excel in hyips, you'll need to invest much more time, but if we've succeeded, so can you!

Who We Are

It makes sense to immediately explain who we are and what we do.

We are primarily a group of experienced investors with many years of experience in the hyip industry, who have created a blog about earning through investments. Our blog serves as a monitoring tool for hyip projects, where we track the status – whether a project is paying or not. In turn, we offer investors valuable information, detailed project reviews, interesting articles, bonuses, and compensation in case of losses in such projects. Investing with us is advantageous!

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What Is a Hyip, Refback, Scam, and Insurance

In the hyip industry, there are definitions that newcomers must know. Below is a list of them, starting with the most fundamental question: "What is a hyip?"

Hyip (an abbreviation of "HYIP" – "High Yield Investment Program") is a high-yield investment project that accepts money from investors and allows them to earn a certain percentage of profit.

Don't harbor illusions that hyips are real companies with some profitable activities behind them. They are financial pyramids that operate based on an active inflow of money, and as soon as the inflow stops, the project shuts down.

Refback (also known as a bonus from the deposit) is the return of a referral commission to a partner. Simply put, if you invest through our referral links, your upline partner, which is us, receives a referral reward, which is either shared with you or given to you in full. Refback allows you to earn an additional percentage and thus increase your income.

Scam (from the English word "scam" – fraud, deception) – in our case, it means when a project closes and stops paying out funds.

Insurance – in case a project featured on our blog closes, and there is insurance available for it, you can submit a claim, and we will try to reimburse your losses to the maximum extent possible. Typically, loss coverage ranges from 50% to 100%. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't apply to all projects; it's only available for those with a dedicated section in the review indicating its presence. There are cases where we pay insurance from our reserve fund.

You can also check out our article "Investor's Glossary: Terms of the Hyip Industry" to understand all the terms used in the hyip industry.

Types of Hyips

Now that we've covered what a hyip project is, let's delve into the different types they come in.

Hyips are primarily categorized by profitability into the following types:

How can you determine which profitability category a particular project falls into? It's quite simple. Investment projects that offer earnings of up to 15% net profit per month are considered low-yield, from 16% to 60% net profit are medium-yield, and anything above 61% net profit is considered high-yield.

We have prepared articles on this topic about the classification of hyips, so we recommend you take a look:

Can You Make Money with Hyips

We can unequivocally say, yes! Otherwise, what's the point of running a blog for 4 years?

Let's move on to the main question: "Can you make money with hyips?" Thanks to our high-quality selection of investment projects and smart fund distribution, you can achieve a decent passive income in a short time.

And, of course, familiarize yourself with our articles:

Step-by-Step Guide: "How to Start Investing"

We've covered the fundamental definitions, but we would still recommend that you explore additional articles on our blog. Don't be lazy; give them a read!

The very first step you need to take is to determine the amount you intend to invest. Depending on your income, you can set aside an amount that you can afford to lose in case of failure, especially as a beginner learning from mistakes, and so on. Let's establish a minimum threshold of $100, as you can allocate these funds across 10 projects at $10 each. In the event of a scam in one of them, your loss will be relatively small. It's worth understanding that the more quality projects you can select, the better it is for your investment portfolio.

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The second step is to create an electronic payment system or a cryptocurrency wallet.

Currently, the most popular payment system used in hyips is Perfect Money, but there is a sad situation with it at the moment. Many hyips refuse to work with it, or admin wallets are being blocked. It's likely that it will leave the hyip industry soon.

For more details on payment systems and cryptocurrencies that can be used in hyips, check out the following article:

There is a solution – cryptocurrency wallets. For beginners and beyond, Tether cryptocurrency is ideal because its value is pegged to the dollar at 1:1. We recommend using Tether TRC-20 (which means Tether will operate on the TRON network, resulting in minimal transaction fees) and BEP-20. We recommend using the Tronlink wallet or the Bybit exchange.

The third step is to fund your wallet or purchase cryptocurrency. How can you do that?

In this situation, there are two paths: use an exchange service or buy cryptocurrency on an exchange. The choice of method is yours, and we will provide instructions:

The fourth step is to create an investment portfolio.

Now, onto the most crucial part – selecting projects for your investment portfolio. To explore projects on our blog, visit the Monitoring section or check out our "Off Blog" category, where we review interesting newcomers in the hyip industry that may not yet be featured on our blog.

Selecting projects for your portfolio is a meticulous task, and beginners may find it challenging, so we recommend reading the following articles:

The fifth step is to request a bonus from the blog.

You can receive a pleasant bonus from your deposit by ordering a refback. To do this, you need to fill out the form after investing money in a project that was presented on our blog.

The sixth step is to earn a profit!

If you have completed all the steps described above, it means that all you have to do is wait for returns on your projects. How to manage new funds is your decision. You can withdraw them or reinvest in new projects.


We have prepared a short list of recommendations, which, in our opinion, you should follow to properly maintain and develop your investment portfolio and start earning steadily:

  • Allocate a sum of money that you are comfortable with. This is necessary to ensure that you won't regret the lost funds, and it won't affect your family budget, as investments always involve risks;
  • Do not invest borrowed money. Taking out a loan for hyips or borrowing from friends is a very unwise idea, especially for a beginner who is just getting acquainted with this tool;
  • Do not invest in sky-high tariffs. Newbies often see high percentages and rush to invest, but this is fundamentally wrong. If a tariff promises to earn 6,500% in 90 days, your invested money will most likely disappear;
  • Diversify your funds wisely. Proper money distribution is one of the most crucial points to follow. Do not invest more than 10% of your bankroll in one project. It's better to allocate 2.5-5% to a single project. This way, the collapse of 1-2 projects won't be as devastating;
  • Reinvest your profit. To keep your portfolio growing or maintain its stability, reinvestment is essential. This advice is especially suitable for beginners. Try not to withdraw money to your card at first; establish yourself in the hyip industry. Only when you start earning a certain percentage consistently should you reward yourself for your efforts;
  • Take advantage of lucrative offers. Our blog offers a bonus based on deposits in tracked projects, which mostly amounts to +5%. In addition, we offer insurance that covers losses for our team in case of an unsuccessful investment. Be sure to use these privileges;
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions if something is unclear. It may seem simple, but for some reason, people investing for the first time do not seek help from us and then regret their actions. We have been in hyips for quite some time and can advise you on a working strategy, which projects to invest in, and so on. Just write to us; it's free.


The desire to start investing is the first step, while learning and actual investment are the second.

We have tried to provide maximum detail on how newcomers can work with hyips. We believe that we have covered everything comprehensively. However, if you still have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.

We even envy newcomers a bit because when we started, no one described this process in such detail.

If you still have questions, you can also check our article:

Or ask questions in the comments. We are happy to help!

We hope that this article has been useful to you. Good luck and profitable investments!

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