Feedback and suggestions from blog readers

Feedback and suggestions from blog readers
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Welcome, blog readers. We offer you a unique opportunity, as another pleasant means of interaction among all blog partners, which is a kind of well-known "Book of Reviews and Suggestions."

On this page:

  • investors will be able to express their gratitude for the bonuses and compensations received, which are paid from the blog's personal funds;
  • winners of various contests can leave personal feedback and boast about the profits received, as there is nothing more pleasant than receiving extra money by winning them in fair and exciting competition;
  • specialists from various fields can make their suggestions for improving the website's usability and its promotion;
  • and much more.

It's important to remember that nothing you do goes unnoticed, and each of your reviews helps the blog, which, in turn, makes you a bit richer.

ATTENTION! Starting from 02/01/2019, we do not post reports on deposits and payments from projects in this thread. There are reviews for that! If possible, please duplicate your reviews on the aggregator H-metrics and on the Mmgp forum. Thanks in advance :)

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