9 Postulates for the Beginner Investor

9 Postulates for the Beginner Investor
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If you have decided to earn money through investment projects but have never dealt with them before, it's primarily essential to know basic information. This will help you quickly navigate the HYIP segment and avoid mistakes at the start.


As a novice, you need to register two email accounts. Use one exclusively for various payment systems. The other will be needed for registering on projects.

To avoid unauthorized access, it's best not to use your payment system email for other purposes. Experts recommend registering with the Gmail service.


When a beginner registers on several platforms simultaneously, they often use the same password. This is highly not recommended.

In the HYIP industry, many unscrupulous system administrators can log in with your password on other investment platforms and withdraw funds. If you use the same password for payment systems, you risk finding zeros in your balance someday.

Electronic Payment Systems

Register immediately in all popular payment systems. Sometimes, an excellent HYIP project uses only one unpopular system, or funding and withdrawals are made exclusively through cryptocurrency.

Be sure to register in:

  • Perfect Money.
  • Payeer.
  • AdvCash.

These payment systems closely collaborate with various HYIP platforms.

Searching for Promising Projects

This section requires special attention, as the correct selection of a project determines whether an investor will gain profit or lose their hard-earned savings.

Before investing in HYIP projects, analyze each one carefully. It's quite challenging for a novice to do this independently. They may assess a platform based solely on intuition.

To find paying HYIP projects, it's better to visit HYIP monitor and thoroughly study the offers, reading reviews and administrator comments. Here, a beginner will find the most truthful and reliable information.

HYIPs that pay are analyzed through honest monitoring. The administrator makes deposits into several promising platforms and observes their operation, then forms a TOP rating of hyip projects, involving the most solvent ones.

The site provides detailed information about each investment platform. The monitoring of HYIP projects identifies the most "honest" and promising ones. The novice has the right to choose, to minimize risks or to seek maximum profit.

HYIP monitor helps to find the best new HYIP projects. It's impossible to completely avoid risks in this industry, but minimizing them is feasible. Monitoring paying hyips will help the novice make the right choice.

Don't immediately chase huge profits. Analyze everything carefully. The best monitoring will help the novice take the first step.

Choosing a Partner

Reviews about HYIPs indicate that it's important to choose the right partner under whom you register. It depends on:

  • The amount of cashback you receive for investing.
  • The size of the insurance in case the project closes.
  • Informational support.


Diversification allows minimizing risks. A novice should not focus on a single project. It's better to divide funds and invest in 10 or 15 HYIPs simultaneously. When some projects stop paying, you'll recoup losses and gain profit from others.

Financial Portfolio

Beginners should start with small amounts of money. There's a high probability of making mistakes initially, so financial losses are inevitable.

Once they learn to consistently make a profit, they can move on to larger investments.


If an investor correctly selects projects and follows the principle of diversification, then scamming 2-3 projects will yield significant profits.

After an investment platform closes, don't get upset. Instead, focus on finding a new HYIP project.

Referral Program

Through the referral program, each investor can attract an unlimited number of depositors. New investors will help significantly increase profits. The referral link is usually found in the personal account.

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