Learning to recognize admins by their handwriting

Learning to recognize admins by their handwriting
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The HYIP industry conveyor churns out tons of projects daily, and among the various dross, worthy new entries occasionally emerge. It’s extremely difficult to identify the creator of a project right from the start, but many admins leave us clues - we just need to learn how to read them.

Can You Identify an Admin?

Admins are humans too and sometimes they make mistakes, overlook details, while those who work "with soul" invest their individuality into projects. It is by these signs that a HYIP creator can be easily identified - an experienced HYIPer needs only about 5 minutes to browse the project site.

So, why identify the next project of a particular admin? Because they usually work "on the beaten path". Experienced admins simply will not create a HYIP for a pittance of profit and from project to project allow their investors to earn. Meanwhile, scammers need to be recognized "by face" and their dross projects avoided.

Let's figure out how admins can give away their authorial handwriting and where pyramid builders make fatal mistakes.

Works with Familiar Conditions

Admins, especially the experienced ones who perform well, often invent their formula for success and in each new project only partially change the conditions of marketing and partnerships. Sometimes they don’t bother about this at all and offer the same conditions every time.

The creator of Razzleton made a loud statement in this project, so later he returned to his favorite working conditions one way or another. The similarity can even be traced in the partnership program, which has barely transformed from project to project:

In Bitcy this same admin left the previous 7-2% for partners but added a representative program:

And in Coincome he decided to combine everything together and offered participants both the partnership from Razzleton and the representative program from Bitcy. 

Some tariffs allow for particularly successful work, and admins are in no hurry to part with them. Next, we show how one admin from project to project used virtually identical marketing, slightly changing conditions. This scheme works well today and will surely be seen in the future.

BitcoinCash Trading:



Exposed Their Wallets, Accounts, or Email

Forgetting such nuances can happen due to inexperience or if far from one project is launched simultaneously. But sometimes admins reveal their identity intentionally, leaving a kind of clue for investors. Some admins directly in the project name clearly and straightforwardly say who they are – as was the case in Dobro Father and Father Forever:

Copied the User Agreement from a Previous Project

Many pyramid builders somehow think that no one ever reads the user agreement and simply copy it in each of their projects. But there are users who open this all-forgotten section and even check for uniqueness. However, in diagnosing this sign, one should be extremely careful and also consider other nuances of similarity with the admin's previous project - often the agreement is copied not only in their projects but also in others.

Recognizing the Admin by TS

It has happened that some admins only turn to a specific inhabitant of the MMGP forum to create a thread for their project. This gives users the opportunity to suspect another arrival of a TOP admin:

And in general, many TS have their reputation and bring only quality projects to the forum to not tarnish that very reputation. Therefore, when some interesting HYIP appears, it's worth paying attention to who presents it.

Repeating the Development Path of the Project

Again, experienced admins often work as they are accustomed to. Why reinvent the wheel if there is a working scheme? Some are immediately accustomed to jumping into battle and actively purchase listings on advertising platforms, while others find such a manner not to their liking and, before moving into an active phase, the admin may guerrilla in silent mode for several months, or even a year.

To this criterion, we can also attribute such updates:

  • Opening additional tariffs;
  • Adding a bounty program;
  • Constant promotions and bonuses for holidays of all peoples and religions;
  • Design updates;
  • Lowering the minimum deposit amounts and investment terms.

Tastes in Design

Many admins are betrayed by a penchant for beauty or the inheritance of a specific type of designs. Probably, it’s most often by the appearance that one can assume which admin manages it. And there are many examples here, but we won’t stretch the fabric of this article, we’ll just show several admins and their works.
If you’ve heard anything about HYIPs, you’re surely familiar with the famous Razzleton admin, who regularly releases projects and works surprisingly well, and sometimes just stunningly. The admin is very meticulous in preparing his projects, so they are quite recognizable.
Firstly, the design of "Razzleton" projects is always bright, with an abundance of 3D elements and gravitation towards famous media images. Secondly, great attention is paid to the details, especially the logo - it’s not just some scribble copied from project to project. Overall, in the sites of this admin, there is no hint of seriousness - a riot of colors, a kind of eternal festivity, not a project, when visiting which the mood is automatically lifted.

Another admin didn’t even bother to change the color scheme of the design, and the project name wasn’t much altered either – Altron and Detron. As you can see, everything is clear without extra words and not to guess that the projects are from the same admin can only be done by the blind.

Similarities in design style can also be found in the works of the AK47 Capital and FatFunds admin:

And a classic example is Syntha and KARMA Place:

The admin of the project "Dobro" left a clue for investors in the form of a logo in the project "Legenda". Although, in principle, no one hid that the HYIPs were administered by the same person:


Summarizing all of the above, it is worth noting that, seeing just one of the signs presented in a project, one should not rush headlong and deposit all their savings into it. Remember, the basic imitation has not been canceled, and it is quite possible that some scammer will decide to mislead you and earn on someone's reputation. Therefore, any project needs to be analyzed comprehensively, and if multiple factors point to a new project from an experienced creator, then only such signs can be trusted.

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