Now Live: Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) on Bybit Web3 IDO

Now Live: Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) on Bybit Web3 IDO

Start: 13.05.2024

End: 20.05.2024






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About the Project

Thetanuts Finance is a decentralized on-chain options protocol focused on altcoin options, allowing users to go long or short with on-chain options.

  • Token: NUTS
  • Price: 1 NUTS token = 0.003 USDC
  • Allocated for Bybit IDO: 66660000 NUTS (0.67% of the total max supply)

Project Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Discord | Medium

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How to Participate

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to participate in Bybit Web3 IDO projects.


Be the first to get exclusive token discounts. All participants have an equal chance to win token allocation. Winners of the winning tickets can claim the IDO tokens (denominated in USDC) using USDC from their Bybit Wallet.

  • To participate in IDO projects on Bybit Web3, participants' Bybit Wallet balance must meet the required asset amount.
  • Participants do not need to complete KYC verification on the Bybit account used.
  • To claim the IDO tokens allocated, participants need to have sufficient funds to pay the on-chain gas fee (gas fee amount may vary depending on network conditions).
  • Bybit reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms and results of this event. Please contact our Customer Support if you have any questions.
  • Update the Bybit app to at least version 4.14.5.
  • Sub-account registration is not supported for IDO, it is recommended to switch to the main account and join.
  • Bybit reserves the right to disqualify the participation of any individuals found engaging in unfair or fraudulent activities during the event, including but not limited to mass account registration for extra benefits and any other activities associated with illegal or fraudulent purposes.
  • To be eligible for IDO token allocation, all snapshot requirements set for each IDO project must be met. Please refer to the respective IDO project announcement for detailed snapshot requirements.
  • Disclaimer. The project information and data presented above are taken from public sources and provided for informational purposes only.

IDO Schedule

  • Subscription Period 05-13 13:00 - 05-17 13:00 UTC

    To participate in this IDO project on Web3, users need to have at least 400 USDC (Ethereum network) in their Bybit Wallet and register before the end of the subscription period.

    How to Deposit and Withdraw Tokens using Bybit Wallet (Web3)

  • Snapshot Period 05-17 13:00 - 05-20 13:00 UTC

    Hold min. 400 USDC (Ethereum network)

    During the snapshot period from 05-17 13:00 UTC to 05-20 13:00 UTC, up to three (3) snapshots will be taken per day.

    If the required amount is not in the wallet during the snapshots, the participant will be disqualified.

  • Distribution Period 05-20 13:00 - 05-20 13:15 UTC

    Bybit Web3 IDO utilizes a smart contract for random ticket selection, ensuring an equal chance of token allocation for all tickets. Please refer to our guide for more details.

    How to Participate in Bybit Web3 IDO

  • Claim Period 05-20 13:15 - 05-21 13:00 UTC

    During this period, winners need to claim their allocated tokens.

Our Participation

We will participate on 4 of our accounts and complete one task to receive 2 additional tickets each (make an exchange from $1000 within the wallet, doing it through the MANTLE network since the fees are tiny, USDT to USDC and back). The only costs here are the fees for transferring funds within the exchange to the Bybit Wallet or from any personal wallet to the created wallet on the exchange.

After the draw is completed, we'll share our results, but the chances of success are slim here, as there will be many participants, plus some create 50-100 or more accounts. But if luck is on your side and you get a winning ticket, the profit can be substantial.

Give it a try, by participating you don't really lose anything, just small fees. We don't withdraw any funds from the Bybit exchange wallet in different networks back, so as not to spend on fees back and forth and participate in new events, as well as make exchanges within the wallet to get additional tickets. Currently, there are already 3 consecutive IDOs in the Ethereum network.

Our deposit 400 USDC X 4
👉 Join and participate with us!

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Our Results

It's business as usual for us, still no luck with these events. All our tickets turned out to be non-winners, but our editor got lucky in another IDO, managing to sell for a +$318 profit. Considering the minimal costs and virtually no risk involved, that's pretty great. Life hack: If you happen to get lucky in an IDO, you don't necessarily have to withdraw to an exchange if you plan to sell right away. You can swap directly for USDT in your wallet, which is faster and prevents the price from getting dumped too hard. In this particular IDO, those who sold the quickest got $800-1000. The final profit depends on the selling price - you can either dump the coins immediately or hold them longer.

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