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  • Minimum Deposit: 10$
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 10$
  • Profitability: from 0.7% per day
  • Referral Program: 8% - 5% - 3% - 2% - 1%
  • Start date: 10.04.2024
  • Работает:
  • Added to blog: 11.04.2024
  • Мониторим:
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Instant - Instant payments after ordering Payment type

What is a referral bonus (refback)?

A referral bonus, or refback, is the return of a certain percentage of an investor's deposit. Simply register through our referral link, and we will pay you the agreed-upon amount.

How to Claim Your Refback

Claiming your refback is a breeze. You can request it for the project in the amount of 8% from your initial investment. To kickstart the process, simply click the "Order Refback" link and fill out the required form.

Is Refback Available for Balance Deposits?

Yes, there is. You don't need to withdraw the deposit to a payment system and create a new investment. Inside your personal cabinet, you can create a deposit and request a refback on the blog.

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  • Important Information Before Ordering a Bonus

We've added another interesting novelty to the blog from the hyip industry named Svuex. The project's marketing offers several tariff plans, allowing any investor to find a solution that suits them.

We suggest immediately proceeding to a more detailed acquaintance with the project thanks to our textual review.

The hyip project is well-executed not only externally, but also technically, as well as in terms of developing the legend of activities, content, and the presence of all necessary documentation.

The investment project Svuex launched on April 10, 2024. The development of the project is progressing quite actively, and we are among the first to join. Getting in earlier – earning more!

The company Svuex is engaged in cryptocurrency arbitrage using AI.

We've added a promising foreign mid-income opportunity to our blog that definitely deserves attention! It's evident that a lot of effort went into the project, with preparations starting well before its online debut. The execution is high-quality not only in terms of technical preparation but also in the development of its business narrative, content, and documentation. There are presentations and detailed instructions for beginners available. Investing is accessible with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and is bolstered by instant payments without any fees. For convenience, there is also an internal crypto exchange with a 0.5% commission. Active participants can benefit from a multi-level referral program with bonuses. This project is a great option for diversifying your portfolio, and we highly recommend it. A Telegram chat has been created, join us and share your deposits and payments! Wishing you successful and profitable investments!

Investment plans

The investment offer consists of three AI brokers: "Quasar", "Synergy", and "Prosper".

The "AI Broker Quasar" plan lineup is the most accessible and relevant for investment. Let's consider, for example, a term of 25 days starting at $25, with a daily return of 1%, the total profit for one cycle will be +33% with our bonus.

For those who want to receive accruals in the same cryptocurrency in which the deposit was made, the relevant tariff is "AI Broker Prosper" starting at $700, where the net profit will be +50% over 35 days.

Note! For "Quasar" and "Synergy", daily accruals are credited only to the USDT balance if your deposit is in another cryptocurrency. For "Prosper", daily accruals are credited to the balance from which you activate the broker.

Minimum deposit amount: 10 USDT, 0.0005 BTC, 0.01 BNB, 0.025 BCH, 0.1 DASH, 35 DOGE, 0.015 ETH, 0.035 LTC, 0.05 XMR, 30 XRP, 0.02 SOL, 35 TRX.

Minimum withdrawal amount: 10 USDT, 0.0005 BTC, 0.01 BNB, 0.025 BCH, 0.1 DASH, 35 DOGE, 0.015 ETH, 0.035 LTC, 0.05 XMR, 30 XRP, 0.02 SOL, 35 TRX.

Type of payments: instant (withdrawal takes from 10 minutes to longer times, depending on the network and the number of network confirmations, and can reach up to 30 minutes).

Withdrawal commission: none.

On 05/12/2024, we added a new line of plans called "Kinetic". The first active one is for 30 days at 1.4%, with a total profit for the cycle plus our bonus of +50%. Payouts will be in whichever cryptocurrency you choose.

Plan nameYield percentageInterest accrualInvestment termInvestment amountReturn of investmentTotal yieldNet profit

Quasar 1

0.7% per daycalendar days15 daysfrom $10at the end of the term110.5%10.5% + 8% our bonus = 18.5%

Quasar 2

1% per daycalendar days25 daysfrom $25at the end of the term125%25% + 8% our bonus = 33%

Quasar 3

1.5% per daycalendar days40 daysfrom $500at the end of the term160%60% + 8% our bonus = 68%

Quasar 4

2% per daycalendar days65 daysfrom $2500at the end of the term230%130% + 8% our bonus = 138%

Synergy 1

2.3% per daycalendar days180 daysfrom $2000at the end of the term514%414% + 8% our bonus = 422%

Synergy 2

3.5% per daycalendar days365 daysfrom $10000at the end of the term1377.5%1277.5% + 8% our bonus = 1385.5%

Prosper 1

1.2% per daycalendar days35 daysfrom $700at the end of the term142%42% + 8% our bonus = 50%

Prosper 2

1.6% per daycalendar days50 daysfrom $1600at the end of the term180%80% + 8% our bonus = 88%

Prosper 3

2.2% per daycalendar days75 daysfrom $4000at the end of the term265%165% + 8% our bonus = 173%

Kinetic 1

1.4% per daycalendar days30 daysfrom $100at the end of term142%42% + 8% our bonus = 50%

Kinetic 2

2% per daycalendar days50 daysfrom $2500at the end of term200%100% + 8% our bonus = 108%

Kinetic 3

2.5% per daycalendar days80 daysfrom $1000at the end of term300%200% + 8% our bonus = 208%

We would like to remind you that for the project, our blog has established an indefinite insurance fund of $3000. Thanks to this, investments in the project will be even safer.

Don't forget to request a referral bonus for the project, which is $8% of your deposit. To request a deposit bonus, go to the page: request a referral bonus and fill out the form.

Video review Svuex

The first 10 people who share their deposit in the comments of the video and provide their username on our blog will receive a $1 bonus! Only our partners are eligible to participate!

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program in the Svuex project is five-level. There is no possibility to improve the affiliate program.

Standard affiliate program:

  • Reward: 8% – 5% – 3% – 2% – 1% from the deposits of your affiliates;
  • Conditions: You need to register on the website.

Project Instruction

We have prepared a detailed guide on how to work with this investment project, covering: account registration, a step-by-step guide to creating a deposit, and how to withdraw funds.

  • Registration
  • Creating a Deposit
  • Withdrawing Funds


Svuex is a promising mid-income investment project with several lines of tariff plans. The hype project is well-executed on a multifunctional script.

Among all the tariffs, we consider the "Quasar" line to be current, where you can earn from 0.7% to 1.5% per day for 15-40 days with the return of the deposit at the end of the term. The percentage and number of days depend on the invested amount.

Both the external and technical aspects of the website are done to a good standard. The investment project's site is filled with extensive content and all necessary documentation is present. A wide selection of cryptocurrencies + stablecoin Tether [TRC-20] is available for investment.

Currently, the project should be considered a good option for diversification. Getting in earlier – earning more, without forgetting about the risks and remembering the basic rules of investing. Wishing you successful and profitable investments!

Risk Reminder

Investing always involves risks. It's very important to always remember and understand this. The above-mentioned company is no exception, so it's worth reminding you of the main investment rules:

  • Never invest in High-Yield After Plans where the deposit and interest are paid at the end of the term. You won't receive payouts under such plans (e.g., 6500% in 100 days).
  • Diversify your funds. In other words, don't invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the return rate, the higher the risks. Don't forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after earnings.
  • Before investing, check the project's status.
  • Do not invest borrowed funds.
  • Be prepared to lose money and invest with disposable income.

We recommend for your consideration!



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1150$ / 230%
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40 pc.


6 572$

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Comments (200)

  1. aria Yesterday, 18:49

    I received 8.56$ RCB. Thank to admin.

  2. richmonkey Yesterday, 13:59

    🤑 Получили выплату +20$


  3. drobnitsa1960 Yesterday, 13:31

    Svuex по-прежнему платит стабильно и быстро. Первая выплата уже с нового депозита:


  4. KirillMarkov Yesterday, 11:31

    Инстант выплата $15.01

  5. sattor92 25 May 2024 22:53

    инстант выплата 

  6. HyipMoney 25 May 2024 18:18

    ✅ PAYING Svuex
    Transactions details: 11 USDT
    Transaction id: 03164216e932f65ee5ec94a0a83438c480a8edf60226cd3f0cf7107877d66ab8
    Transaction time: 2024-05-25 13:23:18

  7. 4difeer666 25 May 2024 10:32

    Спасибо за рефку:Детали депозита
    Время2024-05-25 11:02:27
    Вид сетиTRC20
    Аккаунт депозитаСпотовый

  8. 4difeer666 25 May 2024 10:31

    Выплата бонуса за промокод( инстант):Детали депозита
    Время2024-05-25 00:44:19
    Вид сетиTRC20
    Аккаунт депозитаСпотовый

  9. 4difeer666 25 May 2024 10:30

    Выплата(инстант):Детали депозита
    Время2024-05-24 12:35:05
    Вид сетиLTC
    Аккаунт депозитаСпотовый

  10. 4difeer666 24 May 2024 23:43

    сделал деп 100$

  11. richmonkey 24 May 2024 23:15

    🤑 Получили выплату +50$


  12. UdayAS8 24 May 2024 22:43

    Deposited 50$ into the project Hoping for a profit
  13. Profit Hunters 24 May 2024 17:39

    Svuex - PAYING WELL
    17.08 USDT
    34645baff82b32bd8d45 May-24-2024 14:54:45

  14. Irina22 24 May 2024 16:24

    Спасибо за рефбек

    05.23.24 09:25 Account Receive +8.00 Received Payment 8.00 USD from account U21717020 to account U5 Batch: 594940373. Memo: API Payment. Refback by RichMonkey

  15. Mihhha 24 May 2024 12:18

    Получил рефбек Svuex:

    Дата операции: 24 Май 2024 12:04
    ID операции: 2079707401
    Тип операции: перевод
    Статус: выполнен
    Сумма: 0.91 USD
    Комментарий: Refback by RichMonkey for Svuex

  16. Mihhha 24 May 2024 10:24

    Открыл депозит в Svuex:

    Дата операции: 24 Май 2024 10:02
    ID операции: 2079662608
    Тип операции: вывод
    Платежная система: Tron
    Статус: выполнен
    Сумма: 101 TRX
    Сумма с комиссией: 103 TRX

    trx_trc_20: TXPe7M8FotM96rgyWFsZA7gyndwraJy7NT
    ID транзакции: 815478e169850a53a48e023192e91f487d15fe261c1a2607462820f1e31e0d2f

  17. KirillMarkov 24 May 2024 09:20

    Получил очередную быструю выплату $15

  18. aria 23 May 2024 20:07

    I invest $107. Thank the admin for paying the RCB.

  19. l000rvv 23 May 2024 12:52

    Рефбэк получен. Спасибо RichMonkey. 

  20. sattor92 23 May 2024 12:51

    Очередная инстант выплата! Проект шикарен🤑 

  21. l000rvv 23 May 2024 08:18

    Депозит на 100 usdt.

  22. Irina22 22 May 2024 22:33

    Депозит Date: 22.05.2024 22:12;03 100 USDT 7d458c2e4ed341eeb55fa0179c8f1259d81776347fa3a96b4f5f38deddd55e72 Irina22

  23. Profit Hunters 22 May 2024 21:29

     Svuex - PAYING WELL
    51 USDT
    d40d540fd75be07155fe May-22-2024 14:16:12

  24. drobnitsa1960 22 May 2024 19:30

    Большое спасибо Richi за приятный и быстрый рефбэк по второму депозиту в проект. 20$ в кошельке.

  25. KirillMarkov 22 May 2024 17:17

    Получил очередную быструю выплату $15

  26. alex301 22 May 2024 17:04

    Спасибо за рефбек.

    Payment Received
    + 8.87 USD
    22.05.2024 15:14:34 (UTC+3)
    P1021078116 → P79411788
    Amount: 8.87 USDRefback by RichMonkey for Svuex

  27. richmonkey 22 May 2024 16:48

    🤑 Получили выплату +80$


  28. alex301 22 May 2024 14:12

    Депозит на Kinetic 1.3 LTC

  29. drobnitsa1960 22 May 2024 13:23

    Решил все же остаться в проекте, уменьшив сумму участия вдвое - с 500 до 250$. Кстати, НИКАКОГО 10%-го бонуса при открытии нового вклада не дали, несмотря на использование промокода RICHMN-1510. Так что, для сведения остальных инвесторов - это просто РЕКЛАМНЫЙ ТРЮК, не более.


    1. sattor92 22 May 2024 14:10

      Зря вы так говорите, у меня и прошлый промокод сработал и этот на 10%, вчера сделал вклад на 100$ и вывел 13$, где 10$ из них это как раз таки бонус!

      1. drobnitsa1960 22 May 2024 19:27

        Уважаемый коллега, я же говорю только про себя: у меня бонус НЕ СРАБОТАЛ. На какую сумму я открывал второй депозит (250$) - на такую он и открыт, не более. Возможно, админ начислит мне обещанный бонус завтра, через неделю или через месяц, но ПОКА не начислил. Вы, наверное, уже забыли, sattor92, что я везунчик? Наверное, это сказалось и в такой мелочи как получение бонуса.

        Ну а если серьезно, админ ведь быстро, без проволочек вывел мне половину закончившегося 500$-го депозита - за это ему отдельное большое спасибо. Ну и, вероятно, он решил, что при таком раскладе давать еще и бонус - это слишком жирно. 


        1. sattor92 23 May 2024 00:03

          Все верно, вы сказали про себя, но еще сказали для остальных инвесторов, что это рекламный трюк, причем "пустой"!

          Проект сделан шикарно, платит моментально и без как либо проблем идут начисления. Выделили 3000$ на страховку, я вообще впервые такое вижу, если честно! И они будут именно вам не начислять бонус, который сами же анонсировали, причем уже второй раз...

          Думаю, просто вы сами, что-то не так сделали, не правильно код ввели, или не смогли активировать, не знаю..

        2. 4difeer666 23 May 2024 00:36

          Раньше бонусы работали только на депозиты не более 100$, не знаю насчет нынешнего кода, но что-то мне подсказывает, что тут такие же условия

  30. drobnitsa1960 22 May 2024 13:01

    Заключительная заявка на вывод, как и все предыдущие, была исполнена почти моментально. Действительно, топовый проект! 




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