Building an investment portfolio with

Building an investment portfolio with
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Most novice investors are unable to select investment projects wisely to maximize their deposit's profit or they invest all their money in one project and quickly lose it.

In order to prevent this from happening, we have decided to offer our partners the opportunity to order our investment portfolio compilation service, which, by the way, will be completely free of charge.

Why Choose Us

  • Our team consists of investors with more than 5 years of experience working with HYIP projects;
  • Thanks to communication with colleagues and project administrators, we have insider information that ordinary investors do not;
  • Our weekly and monthly earnings are stable due to proper diversification;
  • Portfolio compilation is free for our partners;
  • Our team daily monitors news, updates, deposit dynamics, and reviews of HYIP projects.

Types of Investment Portfolios

Investment portfolios are divided into three types: conservative, medium-yield, and high-risk. Each of these types of investment portfolios has its pros and cons:

  • Conservative. This portfolio consists of projects that, in our opinion, are a good option for long-term work. Typically, these projects offer small returns coupled with stability. The conservative portfolio is ideal for large amounts starting from $5,000. Monthly returns range from 5% to 15%;
  • Medium-Yield. A more interesting offer, but with increased risks. The portfolio consists of projects with a good daily return percentage. This type of portfolio is suitable for amounts starting from $500. Monthly returns range from 16% to 35%;
  • High-Risk. The main advantage is that the percentage return can be very high compared to the two portfolios mentioned above, but it is important not to forget about the risks, as this type of portfolio is the riskiest. The recommended amount for creating a portfolio is $100. Monthly returns start from 36% and higher.

How to Order a Ready-Made Investment Portfolio

To order an investment portfolio, you must email us at with the subject "Investment Portfolio."

The message should include the following:

  • Your blog and project login;
  • Deposit amount (starting from $100);
  • Type of portfolio you want to order;
  • Projects in which you are already participating and the deposit amounts (if applicable, skip this section).

P.S. An investment portfolio is compiled if you register for projects through our affiliate links.

We will prepare and send you an investment portfolio within 24-48 hours. In case you do not receive the email, please check your "Spam" folder. We recommend using a email address for faster communication.

For a quick response, you can contact our consultant on the website by clicking the "Write to Us" button.


A ready-made investment portfolio is a great opportunity for beginners to start their journey in the HYIP industry without making elementary mistakes. By the way, this service is also suitable for experienced investors who want to save their time.

This service is provided absolutely free of charge for all partners of our blog.

If you have already used our service, we kindly ask you to leave reviews.

P.S. The administration is not responsible for the risks associated with investing in projects presented on the monitoring or in the ready-made investment portfolio.

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